Conditions of Use

!! Warning !!

A RC Helicopter is not a toy. It is a precision machine requiring proper assembly and setup to avoid accidents and it is the responsibility of the owner to operate this product in a safe manner as it can cause serious personal injury and damage to property due to carelessness or misuse.
Children under the age of twelve (12) are strictly prohibited from playing with these electric helicopters.
Always before use, read the instructions as provided with the helicopter. In case of doubt of your ability, we strongly recommend you to seek assistance from experienced radio controlled helicopter modelers or join a local model flying club to gain the required knowledge and skills.

As manufacturer and distributor, we assume no liability for the use of the offered products.

!! LIPO Warning !!

There is no warranty, expressed or implied by the manufacturer, distributors, or retailers with respect to the capacity, life in cycles, storage, or discharge characteristics of Li-Poly cells in RC use, nor any other use nor aspect.


All pricing mentioned at this site are based upon cash payments in Euro's including VAT, excluding shipping, handling and additional costs.
All prices, product specifications are setup at our best knowledge and are subject to change / improvements. No claims can be made on any incorrect / incomplete or changed information as provided via this site.

RC4me can at any time cancel orders without customer approval in case of (but not limited to) incorrect / changed pricing information, product specifications or delivery dates. The customer will be informed as soon as possible via email notification. RC4me can and will never be responsible for any costs made by the customer (or other parties) other than the amount of the order and only if payment has already taken place.

Note, orders will not ship until payment received on the bank account of RC4me!

Correctness customer information

The buyer is fully responsible for the correctness of information as stored in the customer account information. Buyer is responsible for all consequences related due to incorrectness of his / her contact, shipping and invoicing details.

All information like (but not limited too) images, drawings and information on weight , prices, sizes, colors are subject to change without any pre-notice. The customer can not make any claims on any information provided via this shop.


In case of a dead on arrival or a defect that causes product malfunctioning, within 5 working days (counted from shipment confirmation as received per email) an email needs to be sent to with a clear explanation of the defect/cause of the defect.
Note that statements like: 'does not work' will not be accepted.

When RC4me concludes that the defect is not caused by the buyer, the complete product or product part needs to be shipped at buyers expenses, carefully packaged to RC4me.
When RC4me identifies and recognises the same problem on arrival at RC4me, we will resolve the problem and return it to the buyer at no additional costs.

In case the described complaint cannot be reproduced by RC4me on arrival, all costs involved to return the product to the buyer increased with 15Euro administation costs are for the buyer.
After received payment the product will be returned to the buyer.

There is no warranty in any other situation than described above.


As manufacturer and distributor, we assume no liability for the use of the offered products.
Liability of RC4me is in any case limited to the invoice of the shipment.

As this is a translation of the Dutch version of the conditions for use, in case of doubt the Dutch version of the conditions for use is leading.

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