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Flying Model Simulator (FMS)

Simulation software for learning to fly micro helicopters. Using this software, with your helikopter transmitter and PC simulator cable you can learn how to fly helicopters from behind your PC.

With this software package you can pretty well learn how to fly a radio controlled helicopter. Especially flying side-in and head-in can be practiced avoiding severe crashes.

Note that this is never the same as the real thing. Flying with your helicopter is a different ball game than using a simulator, however this should not hold you back flying with the heli. You'll learn by practice.

TIP: In general the Dragonfly HM004 can survive crashes better than the more advanced models (like the HM036), but teach yourself always to turn of the throttle when you have the feeling that it is getting out of control. Do not try to compensate, especially when you're a real newbee. Switching off the gas by putting the throttle down prevents larger damage to you helicopter and electronic parts.
I know, easier said than done..

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